Role-Based Administration - Remove

Version 10



    • Cannot open the Protect application
    • In Protect, you see the message:
      You have not been granted access, please see the system administrator to configure your role.
    • You see this message even if you are the only administrator for the Protect application



    This article provides information to regain access to the Protect console if you have set your own user account to a no access level with the Role-Based Administration function. 



    This issue occurs because of an incorrect configuration within Protect's Role Based Administration features. These features are configured in under Manage >User Role Assignment.



    Download and run the attached SQL Script against your database.
    This script will remove all entries from the dbo.RoleUsers table.

    How to run a SQL Query against your Protect database


    You can also copy the text into the query manually:

    /*                                  Disclaimer:                                    */
    /*                                                                                */
    /* Executing these SQL Statements is at your own risk. Customers should understand */
    /* these SQL Statements prior to executing them. Shavlik does not warrant that the */
    /* SQL Statements will be uninterrupted or error-free. The entire risk as to the  */
    /* results and performance of the SQL Statement is assumed by person executing the */
    /* the SQL Statements. Shavlik is not responsible for the damage caused by        */
    /* executing these SQL Statements.                                                */
    /*                                  Important                                      */
    /*      !!!!Backup you database before executing this SQL Script!!!!              */
    DELETE FROM dbo.RoleUser


    Alternative Resolution

    To resolve this issue:

    1. Ensure that SQL Server Management Studio corresponding to your SQL version is installed.
      To download SQL Server Management Studio for Express editions, see:
    2. Open SQL Server Management Studio and log in to the SQL server where the Protect database resides.
    3. Expand Databases.
    4. Expand your Protect database.
    5. Expand Tables.
    6. Locate the table dbo.RoleUsers.
    7. Right-click the dbo.RoleUsers table and click Open Table.
      Note: In some versions, you may have to use the Select top 1000 Rows option.
    8. Delete any rows in the table by a right-click on the row and Delete.
      Note: Ensure not to delete the table.
    9. You should now be able to open the Protect application.

    Affected Product(s)


    • Shavlik Protect 9.x
    • vCenter Protect 8.x