How to prevent a pending reboot after patches have been installed

Version 8



    A Patch Deployment has triggered an automatic reboot process that is not desired and you wish to halt the reboot.  These steps will help you prevent the reboot after the patches have been installed and the Shavlik Countdown dialog is present.




    If you are prompted with the Shavlik Reboot countdown:


    1. Open a CMD prompt on the client machine and type: shutdown /a   (Do not press enter.)
    2. Choose the option I'm ready; restart now in the Shavlik countdown window.
    3. Click OK on the popup and return to the CMD.
    4. Run the shutdown /a in the CMD prompt.  This will cancel the secondary system countdown used to reboot the system. The default countdown is 60 seconds so it should give you plenty of time.  Be warned this system countdown can be set to 1 second through the Deployment Template which make this impossible.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x