Publishing an Update in SCUP or Shavlik Patch Fails With the Error: Hash (or Digest) Verification Failed on Content for Update

Version 8



    • Cannot publish an update in SCUP or Shavlik Patch plugin using data Shavlik Patch content
    • Publishing  an update in SCUP or Shavlik Patch plugin using data from Shavlik Patch fails
    • You see the error displayed on screen or in the SCUP.log:

      Hash verification failed on content for update     


           Digest Verification failed


    • In the AutoPublish.log you see messages such as:
      • Error: the downloaded update for 'xxx' does not match the expected digest. The vendor may have replaced the download with a newer update.
      • Error downloading and/or verifying installers





    This issue occurs because the update contains a static URL for the vendor file.


    The SCUP editor stores the hash value of the downloaded file. When an older version of the update is published using the URL, the hash value does not match the newer file.


    Often this issue is seen when a new update is released for a product before you've been able to publish the previous update. Most often we see this occur with Adobe and Google updates.





    To resolve this issue ensure you are using the latest data, and do not attempt to publish outdated updates.



    Additional Information


    New content for Shavlik Patch is typically released every Wednesday and Friday.


    You can see what is new in each Shavlik Patch content release at:



    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center

    (Shavlik SCUPdates)