Deployed Patches Appear As Missing In Protect After Subsequent Scan

Version 10



    Previously deployed patches show as missing in Protect.




    This issue occurs when Protect cannot locate the patch you installed. It is possible that the patch is delivered to the remote system, but is never executed. This may happen if the scheduler does not start the deployment. This can also happen if the patch requires a reboot to fully install, and a reboot has not been performed before running another scan.




    Before you begin, ensure your system is rebooted after the patch is installed. Patches that require a reboot after am installation are not fully installed until a reboot takes place and they will appear as missing. Do not rescan before deployment is complete, or patches may show as missing.  Perform another scan after the system has been rebooted.


    To determine whether or not the deployment actually started, go to C:\Windows\ProPatches and look in the Staged folder. If there is nothing in the Staged folder then the deployment has started, but if there are directories in the Staged folders one or more deployments have not started. You can also detemine whether or not patches recently ran by going to C:\Windows\ProPatches\Logs\STDeployercore.log and looking for recent entries and return codes. Keep in mind that the times will be in GMT.


    To manually test this on the target machine, launch the patch file manually and follow the prompts. Note errors that are displayed during the installation process and inform Technical Support accordingly - screenshots may be useful.


    If the re-can scan does not result in showing the patch as installed, it is possible you are experiencing a different issue. To further examine your case, contact support ( You should have the following information ready before contacting Shavlik Technical Support:


    • What is the product name and version build number you are experiencing issues with?
    • The Operating System of the console machine.
    • The Operating System of the target machine.
    • The number of the patch that continues to show as missing.
    • Are you using a custom Patch Scan Template?
    • Are you using a custom Deployment Template?
    • Did you allow a reboot before scanning the machine again?
    • What are the exact steps required to reproduce this issue?


    Gathering logs for support: Reproduce the issue and generate logs based on the steps in this document:


    Include the exact steps required to reproduce this issue. Include applicable screenshots. Zip up all of the images and logs from the specified folders.

    Affected Products

    Ivanti Patch for Windows 9.3.x

    Shavlik Protect 9.2.x