Deciphering Shavlik Protect Deployment Tracker Status Messages

Version 7


    This article provides information about the Shavlik Protect Tracker status messages.



    You can verify the deployment status by going to View > Deployment Trackeror by pressing the F9 key in the Shavlik NetChk Protect GUI.



    This table lists possible statuses and their descriptions:


    No statusInitial value set when the tracker record is created
    FailedDeployment failed for one of these reasons:
    • Not enough deployment seats
    • Not licensed to deploy this patch
    • Patch file is not signed
    • Patch file could not be found
    • Uninstall and the uninstall file is not specified in the XML
    • Uninstall but we were able to locate the uninstall file on the target machine
    • Copy file to the target machine failed
    • Almost anything else that went wrong during deployment (For example, bad credentials or could not schedule)

    The message includes the reason.

    Copied to machineFiles and data have been copied to the target machine.
    ScheduledDeployment has been scheduled on the target machine.
    ExecutingThe patch file is executing.
    ExecutedPatch has executed and the deployment template specified no reboot.
    Executed (pending reboot)Patch has executed, and a reboot of the target machine is pending. This status is set after executing the patch file if the deployment template specifies/allows reboot.   Always reboot the target after running a patch uninstall.
    Reboot may be required / Installation failedRescan completed and found the specified patch is missing.
    Successfully installedRescan completed and found the specified patch is not missing.
    Unable to verifyCould not perform the rescan (that is, failed to connect to target machine) or the patch InstallState attribute is present but not missing or installed in the rescan results.
    CanceledDeployment was cancelled.
    Install complete. Not verifiedThis status is no longer used.
    Awaiting rescanRescanning the target machine. This status is set immediately prior to sending the rescan request to the scan engine.
    Installed Success Inferred
    Rescan did not report on the patch. It is neither missing nor installed, so tracker infers that the patch was successfully installed. This happens for patches that actually install newer versions of the product. Since the old product is no longer present on the target, the patch for the old product appears neither as missing nor as installed.


    Additional Information

    You can find more information about the Deployment Tracker within Protect under Help > Contents > Agentless Patch Management Tasks > Using Deployment Tracker > About Deployment Tracker.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x