Shavlik Protect Agentless Service Pack Deployment Guidelines

Version 7


    • Service pack did not deploy when attempting to deploy multiple service packs together.
    • Service pack did not deploy when attempting to deploy a service pack and patches together.


    The article explains the difference between deploying a service pack versus deploying a patch from Shavlik Protect.


    *Note: This document does not apply when using agents for service pack deployment in Protect.



    A service pack fails to deploy if more than one service pack is chosen or if a service pack and patch are chosen together during setup.


    Service pack deployments are handled differently than patch deployments. Since Microsoft recommends that a service pack be applied before all patches,  Protect does not allow you to deploy service packs and patches in the same deployment. When you select Deploy > All Missing Patches, you deploy all missing patches. No  service packs are included with this operation.


    Deploying a Service Pack to a Single Machine

    To deploy the latest service pack to a single machine:

    1. In the top pane, select a machine.
    2. In the middle pane, right-click the desired service pack and choose Deploy > Service Pack > Latest Service Pack.


    In general, deploying the latest service pack automatically includes any previous service packs. Sometimes, however, a previous service pack is a prerequisite for a later service pack. In this case, the program only lets you deploy the prerequisite service pack.


    To deploy the selected service pack (regardless of whether it is the latest version), select Deploy > Service Pack > Selected Service Pack.

    You can deploy a specific service pack (such as SP1 or SP2). This may be necessary if your organization has not approved the latest service pack or if the latest service pack is not inclusive (does not include previous service packs).


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik  Protect 9.x