Understanding the affect a Patch Group can have on patch supersedence in patch scans

Version 13



    This article provides information the affect a Patch Group can have on patch supersedence.




    Shavlik Protect filters out patches that have been superseded by later patches and shows only the latest applicable patch that is missing.

    For example, MS03-026 is superseded by MS03-039, which is superseded by MS04-012. MS04-012 does not require MS03-026 or MS03-039 to be installed. So, Shavlik Protect shows that only MS04-012 must be installed.
    When using Patch Groups, you force Shavlik Protect to scan for every patch included in your list even if the patch is replaced by a newer patch.  In some rare cases, it can cause superseded patches to be detected as missing even if a newer patch replaces it.




    • In some cases, our Content Team can workaround the issue in our data. For this reason, highly recommend all customers open a case with support:  Support Portal
    • If the Content Team is unable to correct this, the workaround would be to remove the affected patches from the Patch Group.


    Additional Information


    For more information on patch supersedence, in Shavlik Protect, go to Help > Index > Search.  Search for: Determining Patch Replacements


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x