Shavlik: Get Available Disk Space

Version 5

    Author: Shavlik

    Category: Information


    Low threshold for free space (% Full)

    Critical threshold for free space (% Full)

    Minimum ITScripts engine version required:

    Modifies the target machine: No

    Name: Get Available Disk Space

    Outputs: CSV File

    Purpose: This script will query target machines for disk size and disk free space and report whether or not the disk passes user defined thresholds.

    Script Version:

    Target Type: Any


    Technical Description: The script will get all current logical disk information and calculate if the disk is running out of space based on input. It will also show the format type for each disk.  The CSV outputs:

    Computer Name

    Drive Letter

    Current Threshold Status

    Total Disk Space

    Free Disk Space

    Used Disk Space

    Percent Free

    Percent Used

    Disk Format Type




    Possible OpsMon results include:

    "Process completed successfully"

    "No supported disks are available"

    "Unable to connect to WMI"

    "Unknown Error occurred"