Get McAfee Enterprise Antivirus Engine and DATs Versions

Version 5

    Author: Ivanti
    Category: Information
    Inputs: None
    Minimum ITScripts engine version required:
    Modifies the target machine: No
    Name: Get McAfee Enterprise Antivirus Engine and DAT Versions
    Outputs: CSV file

    Purpose:  Retrieves the McAfee Enterprise Antivirus DAT and version information from target systems in your environment and outputs the data to a CSV file.

    Script Version:

    Target Type:  Any


    Technical Description:

    The script queries the target machines registry to verify the machine is running McAffee Enterprise.  The script then retrieves the engine and DAT versions from the registry.  The script will output to CSV the following:

    Computer Name

    McAfee Enterprise Version

    Major Engine Version

    Minor Engine Version

    AV DAT Version

    AV DAT Date


    Possible OpsMon results include:

    Failed to get a registry connection to the system via WMI.

    McAfee Enterpise Antivirus is not installed.

    WMI connection to the target machine failed.  The machine may be offline or firewalled.