Ivanti Patch for Windows Script Catalog: Get Security Center Status

Version 5

    Author: Ivanti
    Category: Information
    Inputs: None
    Minimum ITScripts engine version required:
    Modifies the target machine: No
    Name: Get Security Center Status
    Outputs: A CSV file showing whether anti-virus and anti-spyware engines are registered, and whether they are providing real-time protection with up-to-date definitions.

    Purpose: Get the status of the AntiVirus and AntiSpyware engines on target machine that are running Microsoft Security Center

    Script Version:

    Target Type: Any


    Technical Description:

    This script will return the status of Anti-Virus and Spyware protection in the Microsoft Security Center from Windows workstations.  The script begins by connecting using WMI to determine OS.  XP and newer workstation OSs include the Security Center feature.  Servers would return the "Security Center is not installed" message.  For a supported OS the script continues to query using WMI using the namespace rootSecurityCenter2 or rootSecurityCenter and checks the AntiVirusProduct and AntiSpywareProduct classes to determine if a product is running and if it is up to date.


    Possible OpsMon results include:

    "WMI connection to the target machine failed.  The machine may be offline."

    "Security Center is not supported on this OS"

    "Security Center is not installed"

    "Security Center is not running"

    (If a product is present) "On"or "Off"

    (Definitions) "Out of date" or "Up to date"