Shavlik Script Catalog: Console Clean Up

Version 6

    Author: Shavlik
    Category: Maintenance
    Inputs: Number of days since the files were created or downloaded
    Minimum ITScripts engine version required:
    Modifies the target machine: Yes
    Name: Console Clean Up
    Outputs: None

    Purpose: Deletes patches and deployment files that are older than the specified ages (default 180 days)

    Script Version:

    Target Type: Console (*Note* To run a console script you must go to Tools > Run Console ITScripts


    Technical Description:

    This script will remove agentless deployment files and patches older than the date specified (default 180 days) from the vCenter Protect console machine.  This allows a vCenter Protect administrator to run and schedule cleanup on the console machine to keep the disk usage over time at a manageable size.  The script determines the OS of the console and proceeds to read the STEnvironment.Config file to determine the data files directory.  Then the script removes items in Patches and the Install folders that are older than the date specified.  OpsMon will pretty much return a Completed: Success message on this script.  The script runs locally so there is little chance of failure.