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    SCUP Proxy Information

    Versions of SCUP previous to v4.5 used the proxy server settings set in Internet Explorer.  This is no longer the case if you are using the current SCUP build (4.50.1103.0000).  You can clear out your proxy settings from IE and then try to publish an update in SCUP and you should get prompted for proxy authentication information if it is needed.  This should allow downloading of updates though your authenticated proxy server.

    Alternatively, you can also manually run the command line utility “upddwnldcfg.exe” to set this proxy information for SCUP.  This file can be found in “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Configuration Manager ini386 0000409”.

    More about the SCUP Proxy Server Dialog Box (from the SCUP Help File)

    The Proxy Server dialog box in System Center Updates Publisher allows you to configure proxy server settings used when importing catalogs and when publishing software updates. The dialog box opens only when Updates Publisher is unable to retrieve a catalog or software update in one of following scenarios:

    •     During the import of a single catalog or all catalogs in the import list, one or more catalogs cannot be retrieved.
    •     The Find action cannot retrieve the discovery list of catalogs registered with Microsoft.
    •     The source file for a software update cannot be retrieved during the publish process.

    When there is a proxy server that requires specific credentials to access the Internet, specify the proxy server details. When the proxy server does not require specific credentials or when the proxy server details are entered and this dialog box reopens, click Cancel and then verify that the catalogs or software update files are available at the specified locations.

    This tab contains the following elements.

    Proxy server
    Specifies the name of the proxy server to use for Internet access. Specify a fully qualified domain name, a short name, or an IP address.

    If you are using an IP address, both IPv4 and IPv6 formats are supported.

    •     webproxy
    •     123.456.123.456
    •     [1234:b44:3013:301:203:ffff:fec2:db89]

    Port number
    Specifies the port to use to connect to the proxy server for Internet access, with a number between 1 and 65535.

    •     8080
    •     80

    User name
    Specifies the Microsoft Windows user name for authentication if the proxy server is configured to authenticate users for Internet access.

    •     DomainNameuser1

    Specifies the password associated with the specified User name to complete authentication for Internet access.

    Confirm password
    Confirms the password associated with the specified User name. The text specified for this setting must be the same as the text specified in the Password setting.

    Saves the proxy server settings, exits the dialog box, and reattempts to retrieve the file.

    Exits the dialog box and cancels the process.