Availability Of Patches And Shavlik Updated XML Files After Vendor Patch Release

Version 8


    This document contains information about the availability of patches and Shavlik updated XML files after vendor patch release.




    While Shavlik aims to release updated assessment and deployment XML files on the same business day that a new security bulletin-related patch is released, we may require up to 24 hours after bulletin release to fully test the patches and release updated XML files. This is to ensure the proper amount of time for testing Protect's ability to scan, deploy and uninstall (where applicable) the latest patches on all affected systems.


    New XML files can be downloaded by selecting Help > Refresh Files or by simply allowing a patch scan to automatically download them as part of the scanning process.


    If you would like to be updated when new XML files have been released, please see the following document:

    How To Know When XML Updates (patch definitions) Are Released And How To Receive Notifications


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect