Support for Non Security Patches

Version 5

    Shavlik strives to support both security and non security patches for those products supported by Shavlik Protect.  To see a list of supported products, please see


    Shavlik's first priority is to support security bulletin related patches as they are released from the vendor.   For information about timing of security patch releases, please see


    Non security updates for supported products are added, however, they may not be available the same day that the patches are available from the vendor.


    Shavlik monitors the Microsoft Download Center to identify when new non-security patches are made available for public access.  Shavlik also monitors several Microsoft websites, newsgroup, KB articles, and RSS feeds to identify newly released non security patches.  While Shavlik attempts to provide the same list of patches that are available via WindowsUpdate, you may see several differences, namely:


    Many non security updates are NOT available on WindowsUpdate.  Shavlik identifies these patches via the Download Center and other information sources and adds these to the Shavlik XML file as they are identified.


    Some updates are available via WindowsUpdate but are not currently available via the Shavlik XML file.  In these cases, the patches are undergoing Shavlik testing and will be released once they have passed testing.


    In some instances, patches are made available to WindowsUpdate, but Shavlik is not immediately aware of their existence.  In these instances, customers can notify Shavlik support ( request support for the patches that they see on WindowsUpdate that are not yet available within Shavlik.


    (There is no definitive mechanism available from Microsoft that will show all available MS patches in one place - this makes the process of identifying non security patch availability much more difficult than identifying security patches which are released.)


    As Shavlik is made aware of existing non security patches, these requests are queued in priority order, tested, added to the XML file, and released by the Shavlik data team on a regular basis.  While Shavlik strives to be as complete as WindowsUpdate (including patches that aren't available on WindowsUpdate), Shavlik cannot guarantee that it is 100% similar to WindowsUpdate content at all times.